Plastic Panels

Corrugated Plastic Panels

Whether you are building a playhouse for the children, looking for an economical building material for a greenhouse or covering your deck or patio, corrugated plastic panels are an excellent choice compared to corrugated metal panels. Composed of multiple layers of reinforced plastic, these panels are lightweight, easy to mount and affordable. Manufacturers can add a variety of additives to enhance color, provide fire resistance or improve ultraviolet light filtering. This makes them versatile as well as convenient.

Common Features of Corrugate Plastic Panels

  • Multiple sizing:Panels are available in a variety of sizes to fit any project. The most common size produced is 26-inches wide by eight-feet long.
  • Lightweight material:On average, a 16-square foot piece of corrugated plastic roofing  panels weighs under five pounds. If you need plastic fabrication in Adelaide you can contact This makes them easy to handle, lift and secure.
  • Multiple colors:By adding dyes and treatments to the plastic, manufacturers can create customized pieces. This makes it easy to add personalityand design to any project. Popular colors include white, translucent, green and red.
  • Overlapping design:The panel design for most plastic corrugated roof panels allows it to be overlapped and secured for additional wind resistance and to keep out rain, snow or insects.
  • Moisture and rot resistance:The non-porous plastics used to create the sheets provide excellent rot and moisture resistance. This makes the material ideal for outdoor use or use in damp environments. Additives such as fiberglass reinforcing or UV treatments can also add heat and sun resistance to prevent cracking from prolonged exposure.
  • Eco-friendly:Most popular corrugated plastic panels are made from recycled plastics. This reduces the impact on the environment and allows for easy disposal of waste during building.

The properties of these panels make them ideal for a variety of projects. Whether you are using them indoors, outside, around the home or at your business, taking advantage of the benefits of corrugated plastic panels is as simple as a little planning and trip to your local home improvement store.

Popular Uses Of Corrugated Plastic Panels

  • Deck or patio roofing:With a simple set of rafters, these plastic panels can provide covering from rain and snow while still allowing a bright, inviting atmosphere.
  • Greenhouse construction:Lightweight translucent plastic corrugated roof panels are ideal for greenhouse construction. Just add a simple frame, an exhaust vent and some fans and you can enjoy the benefits of a greenhouse without the cost and upkeep of traditional glass greenhouses.
  • Home Décor:Whether you are creating an attractive divider between rooms, accenting a stair well or renovating the bathroom, corrugated plastic panels have plenty of uses around the home.


Installing plastic corrugated roof panels is simple. By observing these tips, you can enjoy an installation with no frustrations:

  1. Pre-drill holes to prevent burrs and cracking.
  2. Always overlap panel edged by one-inch for proper sealing from moisture and air.
  3. Support corrugated plastic panels over large runs. Most makers offer custom-made supports for their paneling for easy installation.
  4. Use neoprene washers and gap seals for projects to provide reliable, long-lasting benefits.
  5. Attach panels to rafters or supports every 6 to 12 inches.
  6. Always use safety glasses and gloves when working with corrugated plastic panels.

Corrugate plastic panels are one of the commonly used construction material today due to its unique and very beneficial properties. They are perhaps the cheapest and most durable paneling material to date. These are not just economical to use, they are also decorative. So forget conventional wood and glass panels, go with corrugate plastic panels for your next home improvement project and see the difference.